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Consider the word "elegance." What comes to mind? Ponder that question a moment.

We have the following suggestions:

Beautiful, harmonious, graceful, orderly, peaceful, calming, unique, expensive (valuable), and classic. Are these qualities that you find appealing? We dare to say that the answer is yes. So why don't we strive to achieve these, and once they are achieved shouldn't they be carefully preserved?

By contrast, it is unlikely that words like ordinary, common, haphazard, casual, clumsy, or rude came to your mind. Is it then safe to conclude that to achieve elegance, it requires a thoughtful, deliberate effort? By the same token, it may require some effort to fully appreciate elegance and even more effort to preserve it. At some point, it must be determined if the effort is worthwhile. Preservation of Elegance invites you to take advantage of our etiquette classes in Houston, TX, and visit the details on our topical websites:

Lady Personified — Contains etiquette tips for each day of the year, home decorating, and dining etiquette.
Entertaining with Grace — Is devoted to all types of entertaining.
Etiquette on the Go — Has descriptions and photos to help set a formal table and know what to do at a formal dinner.

Learn the ABC’s of etiquette in Houston, TX Our etiquette classes in Houston, TX, cover awareness as well as elegance Learn good manners in Houston, TX Teaching proper etiquette and manners in Houston, TX