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A Certified Etiquette Teacher in Houston, TX

Whether you want to learn about formal manners for an important business meeting or a wedding, contact our certified etiquette teacher in Houston, TX. Preservation of Elegance also teaches children’s etiquette.

Practicing good etiquette is both a skill and an art. It has the power to define your persona and how others perceive you. By building your best possible image and presenting it to others, you take smart steps towards improving your social standing.

Of course, etiquette does not come naturally. Like any skill, it must be cultivated and built up over time. Let us help you learn the intricacies and nuances that define elegance. As a certified instructor who teaches etiquette to children and adults, Preservation of Elegance will work with you to build your repertoire, practice your skills, and prepare you for the many occasions which call for your best mannerisms and behaviors.

Our classes are led by a certified etiquette instructor with years of experience. Their training includes table manners, dinner party training, and global customs. We also have programs that focus on building an image of etiquette, which includes courses on clothing and style.

Deidre Vick
Preservation of Elegance
Credentials & Certificates


  • The Tiffany Manners Program for Adults

Emily Post Certification Logo Learn table etiquette in Houston, TX, before your wedding day A certified etiquette consultant in Houston, TX, that works with children and adults


  • Certified International Social Etiquette Consultant
  • Global Etiquette Customs and Cross Cultural Awareness

Etiquette Classes for Children and Adults

Parties, gatherings, and get-togethers are a reflection of our society. Much like the people who comprise that society, each occasion is different, and presents a host of different rules and expectations which guests must follow. It is up to the individual to recognize the setting and adjust their behaviors and mannerisms accordingly.

Our etiquette classes for kids and adults are specially tailored to meet your needs. We provide you with the foundational skills and tools that apply to a variety of settings, including dinner parties. You will learn how to greet, speak, observe proper table manners, and much more.

By developing a well-rounded and adaptive skillset, you are better prepared to entertain, charm, and earn the admiration of those around you. Sign up for a class today, and learn what it takes to develop the traits that society rewards and values.

Contact us to register for etiquette classes. We are based in Houston, TX, and serve the surrounding area.